Thursday, April 12, 2012

Weather predictions

Looking out at the horizon can be challenging at best. What lies beyond the hill? What forces gather beyond the earth's curve? The skies have been lees than clear for sometime now. Uncertainty and unpredictability have fogged up the view from the quarter deck. Even the Crow's nest offers no relief from the obscurity that belies the questing for answers. Now the clouds have grown more stifling. Not all is lost but there is clearly a storm brewing on the horizon. The first early tinges of it's ugly head are rearing beyond the covering offered by mountain and sea.

Will the storm hold strong though? Will the ship be smashed on the shoals to become just so much more detritus and flotsam. I am not one to prognosticate while too many variables are as yet unknown. I will however take precautions as I see fit to steer my vessel through to the destination I should choose. I shall take the measures that are with in my control to keep the ship afloat and on a steady course. The sails can be reefed at a moments notice, the anchor is at the ready and hatches are standing ready to battened down at the issuance of the command. Do I know this storm will be bad? No. Do I even know for sure that it will actually stay in my path? No. I pray fervently that it does not. I pray that is will be little more than a refreshing sprinkling of rain across the weather deck.

Should the storm hit, what be the fate of the ship? Will the gale be fierce or sturdy? Should I gather the sails and ride the currents or hope the mast can withstand the forces that assail it and let the wind take me as she will? I must think to my crew and what is in their best interests. Seeing them safely through this foreboding time is my first concern. Time and tide alone will tale.