Sunday, August 28, 2011

Enough already!

OK all you doom and gloom seekers. Sorry to disappoint but I am going to write something different this time.
So today I was playing with my kids. At first my daughter wanted to play house and she starts it off with a tea party. Sounds normal enough, right? Fist thing she says is that the "tea" is really a potion to turn her into a dragon. To really spice it up the "tea" she gives me is supposed to make me so I can't move. While we are getting ready to partake of said repast, her brother comes down and joins the game by saying he is making a potion as well. His potion is supposed to make me "stinky". Sister ups the ante though by changing her potion to one that changes her to a monster that her brother then has to help cure by administering another potion to correct her problem. My kids are great at taking a innocent play activity like the traditional tea party and turning it into a roller coaster ride of thrills and horrible monsters that are really nice but just want to help out.

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