Saturday, August 6, 2011

When you've lost a rudder chain....

Finding yourself lost at sea with a broken rudder chain is a bad thing. Finding yourself in a doldrums, where you can fill your sails with more wind than Mother Nature is sharing is bad. Now, imagine if you will, being stuck in a doldrums so you amble over to the ships library to find something to read. As your gaze falls upon the shelf you find yourself staring at the solitary book on the shelf. Opening it's pages you start to read of a sailing adventure, one with high hopes of grand challenges and fabulous glories to be had. Falling deeper into the reading you find the story takes a turn when the rudder chain breaks and the ship becomes stranded in the open waters circling until all souls aboar are lost to starvation and insanity. Drifting alone on the bright open blue waters, waiting for the winds to once again spring into life and grant you movement again you think to yourself, "glad that couldn't happen to me". The niggling doubt however fills your mind until you surrender and head below, just to be sure "once and for all". Imagine your sudden seizure of panic and horror when you find your rudder chain has broken as well.

Sometimes, trying to learn about a disaster in order to prepare for it is the wrong thing to do. Sometimes, ignorance really is bliss.

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