Thursday, January 26, 2012

Family Fun

So the other night I come home from school. It's around 7:30pm and dark outside. It is snowing. As I pull up to the house I see my daughter outside with the biggest grin on her face. Now I have to be honest and say that my first instinct is to be annoyed. Why is she outside in the dark so close to bed time...while it is snowing...with her coat unzipped...while it is snow, oh. That's when I said to myself, so what. It's the first decent snow of the year, let her play in it for a little bit. I did have her zip up her coat though. I went inside and my son sees me and asks who are you talking to? I tell him his sister and he asks where is she? I said outside so he gets this concerned look on his face and asks "Can I go out too?" Sure I say, as long as you put on your boots and coat. We get him all buttoned up and ready to go out. By this time my daughter has started work on a snowman and wants everyone to come help. At first I just step out and throw (badly I might add, need some pitching work) some snowballs at my kids. My wife comes out and I throw some at her too. After a few minutes of this my daughter goes back  to making the snowman. Everyone winds up helping out.

All in all, I would say that is probably going to be my favorite memory of this winter. We all had fun. I didn't let my grouchy ways get in the way. I got to see my kids smile. My wife was smiling and having fun. I am putting that one in the good day file.

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