Friday, February 24, 2012

As physicists search...

for the elusive Higgs Boson particle (or what ever the heck that little barnacle is called) I have a new challenge for them. I would love to see the mightiest minds on earth turned to finding the most elusive, slippery and cagey thing every rumored to roam the face of the planet. The supremely wily and ephemeral creation that has ever graced the Almighty's blessed beautiful creation is probably the most sought after prize ever known to man. Lives have been lost in the search, marriages destroyed, regimes toppled, nations erased and even the odd balloon has been sacrificed on the alter of pursuit to this icon. The strangest behavior of note is the fact that it is found in abundance where it is least pursued. Almost as if the very search for it causes it to evaporate. It has been fashioned out of nothing, thus defying most logic on how it functions.

Many take for granted that it can even be found. Some feel that they have inherited some right to possess it with no efforts to obtain it. Should they find that it has eluded them they do not try to find it but find fault with those around them who did not retain it in holding for their use. Others have learned or were fortunate enough to know that the search for it is available to all but that no one is granted privilege or preference over others to it's possession.

For myself, I find it to be as a water balloon that has been coated in cooking oil. If I am gentle and careful I can keep it for some time. If I am too excited or try to hold tightly to that which I already have, it escapes and is lost. I try to slow down and find it in the small places it hides. I try to lift it gently and tenderly hold it and nurture it, some days with more success than others. I hope my children learn from my efforts. Perhaps they will be more prosperous in their efforts. To those of you with the gilded lives which bestow upon you many returns in your collective efforts, I hope you remember to share it with those around you. For the best way to find Happiness is to share it with others when you do find it. Then you will be a source for Happiness for them. In this way it can spread though out our families, friends, communities and, dare I say, even the world.

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