Thursday, May 17, 2012

Abandon All Hope...

Sliding into the Abyss
Just past the precipice
Straining, reaching but nothing to hold
Screaming as the darkness takes you
all is lost

The cold seeps through your bones
the heart turns to stone
Ration turns to madness
logic burns to ash
Up is down, insanity crushes everything in between

When pain grows strong,
the flames freezing you blood
Death shows it's smile
opening it's arms wide in a welcoming embrace
yet still no escape

As the tourniquet of the grave circles around
you slide further down through the blackness of void
No respite is given, no easy path shown
No failure forgiven, Every mistake shown
Even the final sleep can't hold back the nightmares
As the demons creep through, each tearing out it's pound of flesh right from your heart

Machine gun rattle, rips from the night
Every round on the mark
They burn with icy screams
On and on the slicing pain tears
jagged holes never to mend

To all ye who enter here
Abandon all hope of those things to which you hold
Fear, pain, misery, death...those are the currency found here

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