Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sipping the Kool-Aid's EVERYWHERE!!!! People will tell you that product X is good for you and has magical powers. Then you are told that if you use product X you will get cancer and die and so will your pet. Politicians use it all the time and call it a platform. This is how they convey the message of what they will "do for you" if you elect them to office. Some days the rhetoric is actually right (rare occasions for sure), most days it's not and sometimes, well, it really just doesn't mean a thing.

I have been offered my share of rhetoric and usually I don't swallow it. I might taste it for flavor and then spit it back out because, honestly, I am just stubborn like that. If you walk up and try to sell me something and you keep going on about how awesome it is and how the glow from it lights the streets of heaven then I hope you have your running shoes on because I am just gonna keep on walking. I really don't like it when (here's a hint for you political types) the only selling points you have is how the other choice sucks. Really? Is that the best thing you can give me, about how because something about the other choice is different from your choice that it is wrong? All you can do is to try and get me upset about the other choice by pointing out it's flaws? Any of you out there who shoot have run into this at least once about how all other makes of firearms suck as compared to (insert your flavor here). Normally, as I have said, I am not one to buy the hype. Actually, it makes me question and dig deeper to see what is really going on. That being said....

I have always thought that American racing cars, sports cars were right up there in the top of the class for driving machines. Well, I have been sipping some kool-aid thanks to the fine gentlemen at Top Gear (BBC) and found myself in an amusing position the other day. I was looking at shots of the newest offering from one of the automotive giants when I found myself thinking that something was wrong with the car. It finally dawned on me that I was drinking a lot of the Kool-aid about the superiority of European sports cars when I realized that the problem with the picture was the steering wheel was on the wrong side (left vs. right) of the cabin.  Que laughter and head shaking.

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