Saturday, October 15, 2011

Lest ye think me an uncouth clod...

My Angel came into my life 8 years ago. She was perfect in every way. I thank God above everyday for letting me have the privilege of helping her to grow and learn in this life. When she was born, she had her eyes open and she was looking all around. She had a bit of a fight just making it into the world but when she came, she made everything more beautiful.

She has always been an active one. Frequently she has been so eager to explore new things that she sometimes forgets to finish the things she is doing. That's ok though, it reminds me of me when I was smaller. She definitely has my imagination. She has the most amazing ideas that she comes up with. There is usually some form of a princess involved but not always. How many girls do you know of that like to pretend to be dragons?

My daughter has what I call an honest smile. When she smiles, she is opening her heart right there and sharing it with you. She loves to spend time with friends and even her brother. She has no issue in taking charge though sometimes that can cause some small problems when what she wants differs from those around her.

I am thankful that she is part of my life. I hope that I am able to show her what a good man can be. That she can learn through my example how to treat those in her life as she grows. I try to tell her as many times a day as I can that I love her and I am proud of her. Some days I can't keep up with her, age and years and my emotions can take their toll on my abilities to run with her. It doesn't change my love for her and I try to let her know that even though I can't play, I still love her.


Thank you dear, sweet angel. Thank you for coming into my life and sharing your love with me. Thank you for showing me that life can be fun. Thank you for joining me and my wife and making us a family. Thank you for loving your brother even when he takes attention away from you. Know that even when I must focus on him and his needs, I still love you and I am proud that you are able to let me help him. Thank you for caring about your mom and I enough to want to help with your brother, even when we don't ask.

I love you Angel.


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  1. Jim, your last 2 posts are awesome! You are a GREAT daddy and wonderful husband. :) Those 2 kiddos are very blessed and oh so cute. I am so glad we were able to see the 4 of you in Colorado. If you ever want to come this way we would love to have you. Hol.