Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Having fun

I got to go out last night with my kids. My daughter was dressed as one of the Navi from Avatar. Her Mom did a great job with the make up. My son was dressed as one of the Angry Birds, the bomb bird. They both had a fantastic time going to the different houses. There were a few that my son decided were too scary for him to walk up to but his sister was awesome in getting him candy from those houses as well. We were out for about two hours when my son gave up. We were already heading home to get in the car to hit a couple other spots that were close but not close enough to walk to. He was a champ though, carrying his heavy bag of loot for the entire time. All in all I think the three of us had a great time. I know I was very happy at the way that they stayed together and that my daughter looked out for her brother.

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  1. You have GREAT kiddos!! Happy Halloween to you Jim, Becca and kiddos!!