Sunday, November 13, 2011

More damaging to the environement than...

...a pregnant water buffalo. Seriously, we have gotten two target stands made now. I am looking forward to using them a little more often. I had wanted to take them out along with our pumpkins last Monday for our annual pumpkin shoot but fate it seems had other plans for me. The weather shifted and my body responded accordingly. Sinus drainage, aches, know the drill. I spent the weekend in bed all doped up on medication. I did manage to kick the crud but missed going shooting. Now the weather is totally threatening to go into full blown winter mode. That means I will really need to pick my days carefully to try and get out. It would be easier if I had a truck to get to our shooting location. I can do it the car but once the dirt gets all squishy I'm not going to be able to do it that way. That means I will have to park by the main road and hike in will all my gear....doable but much less fun.

My daughter is still here next to me as I write and asking me about the sense of my title. I think she doesn't fully understand the concept of a play on words. It all good though, she is a extremely smart girl and will get it with out me having to explain it to her.

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