Thursday, January 12, 2012

Musings from the hall...

Sitting here at the school house in between classes. I am surrounded by other people; students, faculty and just people passing by. Yet with all of these people around me, I feel completely isolated and desperately want to connect with someone. At a table in front of my there are six men, each avidly absorbed in their own personal activities. To my left another student is cruising through wikipedia and typing away with the bits of wisdom he finds.

Through it all, there is nothing to establish a connection with any of these individuals. It is very nearly like being the lonely traveler at an airport far from home. You know that your time there will not be indefinite. You know that there is no reason for any of the others around you to try and impart a few moments of their time. You have questions sometimes if you even speak the language. But still, the burning desire to connect with another human being continues. Why is it that even when we are surrounded by so many others, we can feel so alone?

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